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We sell a range of wooden dog kennels and kennels with runs. Free next day delivery is included with every order. We design all of our own kennels for small, medium and large dogs. Every dog kennel has been designed so that it can be put together with just a screwdriver. You will find it takes longer to unpack the kennel than it does to put it together.
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Dog Kennels

and Runs Designed with You and Your Dog In Mind
Just as people need a comfortable shelter to escape to, so do our dogs—especially those that live outside on a full-time basis. But not just any old shelter will do. It is crucial that dog kennels and runs should not only help keep dogs safe and healthy, but should also be able to withstand every type of weather Mother Nature throws at it, including those harsh British winters.

Every Dog Needs a Protective Shelter

Although dogs enjoy romping among the great outdoors, they are den animals by nature. That means that no matter how much freedom you give your dog, it will naturally seek a safe and protective structure to call home.

This is why dogs take so easily to kennels and runs. Not only do these structures provide a safe place to lounge, they provide shelter from the rain, snow and extreme temperatures throughout the year.

We go to great lengths to provide our customers with the best in quality and price. Here's how we do it.

Our Dog Kennels and Runs are Constructed from Solid Wood

Each of our kennel is built from solid Fir wood. This is what gives them their beautiful knotty look and adds to their rustic charm.

What makes Fir wood a great material to use for dog house is its natural durability. Not only does it stand up well to both wet and dry weather, it provides a tight grip to nails and screws.

There is also an abundance of Fir trees. This makes the wood they produce inexpensive, which helps us to keep the cost of our materials down.

To ensure our products last for years, we take extra steps to preserve the wood. We dry every piece with a special hot air dryer. This drying process adds to the wood's protective qualities, making it less susceptible to damage from insects, mildew, and wood rot.

We also coat our wood with several layers of weather-resistant, animal-friendly stain. This further preserves and protects the wood from moisture and heat.

Watertight Roof

A dog kennel isn't a protective shelter if it doesn’t protect your dog from the rain and snow. That's why we take great care in designing the rooftops of our kennels.

Each roof provides a watertight seal. From the sloping angles to the thick layers of asphalt, no matter which of our kennels you choose, you can trust that it will provide your dog with a dry place to take cover in during the wet weather.

Raised and Vented Flooring

Kennels are usually placed directly on the ground. But the last thing you want is for your dog to have to sleep on a cold, wet surface.

Every one of our kennel products has a solid-wood floor that's elevated off the ground by a few centimeters. This gives your dog a dry place to sit and sleep while protecting it from water and mud that can accumulate under the kennel due to rain and melting snow.

Keeping the floor off the ground also helps protect the wood from coming in contact with excessive moisture. This maintains the kennel's durability by minimizing the risk of wood rot.

Proper ventilation is also important when it comes to your dog's health. The floors of our kennels are designed with ventilated panels that allow enough air in and out to keep your dog comfortable.

Reinforced Doors and Windows

One of the most important features of kennels and runs is their ability to keep your dog securely contained inside. From the tiniest of toy breeds to the largest of Great Danes, you need to trust that your dog won't escape.

With our wooden kennels and runs, you don't have to worry. In addition to the overall weight of our sturdy, solid-wood kennels, each of the doors is reinforced with double hinges and stainless steel sliding bolt latches.

The doors are designed to allow dog owners easy access for feeding and cleaning. Our new "barn style" door offers the convenience of checking in on your dog without the worry of your dog escaping. Just swing open the top door and leave the bottom door closed.

As for the ventilation windows of our kennels, each is reinforced with a thick wire mesh that can stand up to any amount of vigorous chewing. The mesh is also coated with a durable plastic covering to prevent rust.

Whereas many of our competitors use nothing more than staples to secure the mesh to the wood inside their kennels, we take the time to encase the mesh of our windows in timber. This ensures it doesn't come loose, even if your dog jumps against it.

We Don't Just Build Dog House, We Care About You and Your Dog!

With many of us here at having dogs of our own, we know just how important your dog is to you. That's why we take the extra time and effort to provide our customers with the stability, durability and quality they expect from our kennels. No matter which one you pick, you can trust it was designed with you and your dog in mind.
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